Instant INR, Anytime, Anywhere

The HemoPOC® coagulometer, coupled with disposable PT-INR test strips, yields immediate results for the quantitative testing of prothrombin time, allowing patients undergoing oral anticoagulation therapy with Warfarin to monitor their Intemnational Normalized Ratio(INR) using a finger-prick blood test at the point of care

PT/INR Test Strip

It's used to get finger-prick capillary blood for testing quantitative PT and INR. It's coupled with HemoPOC coagulometer for self-monitoring the INR for those who undergo oral coagulation therapy of Warfarin.

Product Advantage For Clinics

  • Tests with a finger-prick, no
    need to draw blood

  • Yields results within one
    minute, no more waiting
    for lab testing

  • With HemoPOC, doctors
    can prescribe medications immediately after testing
    in clinic

  • Promotes better treatment compliance and reduces
    the risk of thromboembolic

  • Hassle-free point-of-care
    testing reduces stress
    and helps patients feel at

  • Reduces medical costs by promoting Warfarin

  • Quality Anticoagulation

Product Advantage For Patients

  • No more frequent hospital
    visits for anticoagulation monitoring

  • No more frequent venous punctures

  • Improves Time in Therapeutic Range(TTR)

  • Lowers personal medical
    costs by making use of

  • Reduces the risk and
    incidence of adverse events

  • Efficient and convenient
    self-testing, easier to monitor
    effects of concomitant foods
    and drugs, as well as other
    lifestyle changes

  • So you can travel anytime,
    anywhere, with portable
    device on-hand


Operation Video

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